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It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain --- including about 100 million Americans. Although chronic pain is a common experience, many pain sufferers feel isolated and misunderstood by their doctors, co-workers, family and friends. Many also go untreated or under-treated by the healthcare system.

Our reporters and columnists cover not only the latest research, regulations and treatments for chronic pain, but the many social and financial challenges faced by pain sufferers -- and the remarkable courage they display coping with what is often a lifetime illness.

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PNN has a highly select and growing audience. In 2017, we had over 2.3 million page views and reached over 1.4 million readers around the world, the vast majority of them pain sufferers. Nearly 90% are located in the United States. We also have a significant following in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia; as well as loyal readers in such diverse places as India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Israel and many other countries. Chronic pain is a worldwide problem that knows no borders.

We know from surveys that over 80% of our readers are female -- which is not surprising since women are more likely to have a chronic pain condition and to feel the symptoms more severely. The average age of our readers is about 55, although we have many who are much younger or older.

It is not uncommon for our readers to suffer from multiple pain conditions. The most common ones are back pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, migraine, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome (RSD), lupus or some other autoimmune disease.

Nearly two-thirds of our readers currently take opioids for pain relief, although many are interested in alternative therapies (massage, acupuncture, medical marijuana, kratom, medical devices, etc.) that do not involve prescription drugs. People in chronic pain often tell us they are looking for new and more effective treatments, and are tired of being perceived as addicts.