A Pain Poem: Locked Inside

“Locked Inside”

By Jennifer Chambers

Locked inside, I can’t get out of this rebellion called my face

Clawing from the inside to escape this hellish embrace

This mocking normalcy on the outside hiding the hell within

There’s nothing to show the judgers the truth hiding behind my skin

The lightning strikes with no warning of the coming storm

Leaving me in sudden agony far from the appearance of the norm

Funny stares and looks while I fight away the tears

Trying not to expose the truth behind my quaking fears

If there was evidence of each fight, scream, scratch and tear

Is this how my tormented and brutalized face would appear

Covered in rips and scratches, lines drawn upon lines

Indicative of my daily struggle to survive these impervious binds

pain art courtesy of painexhibit.org

pain art courtesy of painexhibit.org

Jennifer Chambers suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, a rare facial pain disorder, as well as fibromyalgia. Before she became sick, Jennifer worked as a psychologist.

When not immobilized by facial pain, Jennifer spends her time with family and writing her blog, The Spirit Scribe. She started her blog as an outlet for her pain and depression. Writing helps her get through depression, by giving her a release and a place to express herself daily.

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