The Media Needs to Report the Truth About Rx Opioids

By Michael Emelio, Guest Columnist

Initially I was going to write an article about why we desperately need our doctors to fight for us. How they may be the only ones who will be able to convince the powers-that-be to stop punishing legitimate pain patients and open their eyes to the real consequences of reducing our access to pain medication.

While I believe doctors speaking out would help immensely, I fear that few will step up and make a difference. After talking to half a dozen pain management doctors this year, I believe that they have been so programmed by the anti-opioid propaganda that many believe they're doing the right thing and fail to realize the true extent of the suffering they have caused.

Tragically, it may only be when they've lost enough patients to street drugs or suicide that they’ll wake up.

We obviously don't have enough doctors fighting for us. Writing our congressmen and senators hasn't helped either. To make matters even worse, the mainstream media have failed miserably to report our side of the war on opioids. Most of the time they bombard the public with propaganda from the CDC and DEA.

But right now, the media may be our best and only chance to make people understand what happens when you take prescription opioids away from patients who really need them.

That is why we need to direct our protests at the media. Let’s start demonstrating at the front doors of newspapers, radio and TV stations, and other news outlets. Flood them with phone calls and letters to the editor until they can no longer ignore OUR side of the story.

We need to utilize the biggest tool we have and that is the media!


It's imperative that we get the truth out, until enough people are finally outraged to put their foot down. The whole country needs to know that the war on opioids is not only failing to reduce the number of overdoses but is making matters much worse. Millions of patients are suffering needlessly after having opioids taken away from them, leaving them no alternative for effective pain management other than street drugs or suicide.

That is what needs to be reported by the media.  And the only way these issues will ever get enough air time is if we put enough pressure on the media to do it.

What the hell is going on in our country? We're supposed to be the greatest country in the world, yet our government is directly causing millions to suffer needlessly. What is it going to take before the CDC and DEA realize they've gone too far?

Just how many easily avoidable deaths will it take to put an end this madness? Why is the mainstream media perpetuating this disaster by constantly reporting all the false facts rather than the truth? How many need to suffer and die before the truth is told?


Michael Emelio lives in Florida. He suffers from degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and fibromyalgia.

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